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As a member of Trickshot you’ll be receiving:

The Trickshot Beginner’s Guide:

This resource guide is to get you fully up to speed with this powerful market pattern and several others I think should be in your arsenal...

Including how to spot them, how they’ve evolved in the current market… and how I pinpoint the moment I think a stock is on a path for a mega run.

The Six-Month Millionaire Blueprint

This special report shows you exactly how an acquaintance of mine used these hidden market patterns and research to go from nearly dead broke.... to having over $1.3 million in just six months.

You can start implementing this very method today.

While everyone’s mileage may vary… this is the exact roadmap of a self-made trading millionaire, in your hands.

Weekly and Monthly updates

I’ll be breaking down the market each week based on the current portfolio, news, and other indicators as well as what I’m looking to target in the near future. 

At the end of each month, we’ll wrap up our trading over the last 30 days and gameplan on the next emerging opportunities.

The full Trickshot portfolio

Every current and past trade, all the winners — even including the losers — just to be transparent.

The Trickshot Watchlist

All up to date stocks I’m currently keeping a close eye on for the emergence of the Trickshot pattern to develop… and speaking of which...

Trickshot Trade Alerts (for 12 months)

You’ll receive an average of two Trickshot trades each month… possibly more… as soon as I’ve fully vetted each stock for its potential to deliver.

Jackpot Trade Report

This is the breakdown of the three growing market sectors and their associated stocks... on the verge of breaking out that could double over the next 30 days.

I go over all the technicals, every indicator, and the story behind why I believe these will deliver massive returns.

Keep in mind — these JackPot trades are time sensitive.

Meaning, they could break out at any moment. 

Any delay in securing your membership right now and these trades could blow right through their Buy Zones.

Everything I’ve laid out here right now can be yours today:

The Trickshot Beginner’s Guide

The Six-Month Millionaire Blueprint, crucial market updates… The Trickshot Watchlist… full portfolio… trade alerts for an entire year

As well as the JackPot Report featuring my 3 urgent opportunities...

All is yours over the next year for $1,997.

Remember – you’re getting at least 24 Trickshot trades, at minimum, over the next year.

Trades that have the potential to deliver BIG wins, massive returns… ones that I’ve personally captured this year to secure 270%, 437%, and 899% gains...

Not to mention the 3 Jackpot trades available right now...

Think of it this way:

With just $1,000 put into each of the JackPot trades today — and if they double over the next month...

That’s a potential $4,000 profit...

More than covering the cost of a full year’s access to Trickshot.

Understand, I spend countless hours each day researching emerging opportunities, analyzing the market, giving updates to my subscribers, and breaking down full trades for my members.

I’ve helped dozens of everyday Main Street traders save thousands of dollars…

Saved my elite clients over six figures in bad investments... and put all their accounts back on track with crystal clear direction.

That’s what I want to do for you here today – and for the next year with Trickshot.

I have no doubt in my mind that this method will dramatically increase your chances for capturing multiple Trickshot windfalls in the coming year…

As I’ve already closed several 250%+ gains in the past 7 months alone:

  • 270% on FCEL in 55 days...
  • 437% on REKR in 133 days...
  • 899% on SIRC in 22 days...
  • 3,704% on GME in less than a year.

And don’t forget, you’ll also be learning how a close follower of these patterns and this research put this method to work generating over a million in profitsin less than 6 months.

Remember these 3 Jackpot trades are critical situations… they could double over the next month.

To get started with Trickshot right now, all you have to do is fill out the order form on the right hand side of this page. 

I look forward to having you on the team.


- Corey Snyder

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