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Full access to the TradeCommand Network

This is where all the action happens.

Four days a week, you’ll join Chris, Corey and the rest of the TradeCommand Network LIVE in their encrypted trade room.

Day in and day out, they’ll walk you through all of their trades step-by-step and provide valuable insight into the rapidly changing market.

You’ll hear them announce trades out loud, in real time.


TWO Weekly Bonus Sessions

As an inaugural member of TradeCommand, you’re also invited to attend BONUS sessions every Monday and Friday - two of the MOST exciting times to trade the market!

Email/SMS Trade Alerts

If you can’t make the trade room, we’ve got you covered -

EVERY WEEK you’ll receive 3-5 email alerts for Chris and Corey’s most promising trades so that you don’t miss out on a SINGLE week of explosive options plays.


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The Options Blueprint Manual

This 14-page guide is going to jumpstart your options trading career and familiarize you with the different types of potential windfall trades you’ll be making as TradeCommand Network’s elite-level algorithms issue signals.

In The Options Blueprint Manual, you’ll find:

  • The anatomy of an options, and what gives them the potential to generate exponentially greater returns than stocks
  • Lessons on the many different kinds of options trades you’ll be making
  • Complete instructions on how to follow TradeCommand Network alerts for maximum profit potential

The Options Mastery Tutorial Master Guide

This course teaches you everything you need to jumpstart your journey with Chris, Corey, and the world of options trading:

  • Training videos that show you how to make world-class options trades as easy as buying shares
  • A daily checklist to organize and streamline your trading day for maximum efficiency and profits
  • Spreadsheets to track your growth

24/7 Access to the Trade Room Archive

Whether you just missed a session… or you want to analyze every play that comes through the network to up your game…

Every session is recorded and stored in the TRADECOMMAND Archive for unlimited study and review.

Take COMPLETE control of your future with:

Chris’ Proprietary Algorithmic Arrays

Stratospheric wins aren’t limited to trade room hours…

As soon as you finalize your membership, you’ll receive a link to download two of the algorithmic arrays that Corey and Chris use EVERY DAY to isolate explosive plays like:

192% in one day on QQQ…

242% on AAPL in less than 24 hours…

And a perfectly-timed 294% gain on SPX in one trading session…

You’ll also receive detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Install these powerful tools on your computer
  • Integrate the arrays with your trading platform
  • Start isolating trades and profiting IMMEDIATELY

Understand - this is unprecedented. Nobody in our industry ever willingly gives up their tools - but Chris and Corey are so invested in helping you hit a new profit benchmark… they’re taking a step NOBODY ELSE has had the courage to make.


Special Weekly Reports

Detailed market analysis and recaps on the rapidly-changing market landscape, the portfolio, and a full review of the previous week’s trading.

These might be written or recorded - just keep an eye on your inbox!

Our Exclusive Customer Care Hotline

You’re about to become part of an elite trading community with your own private member email box…and an exclusive customer care team dedicated to helping you get the most from your membership.

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Chris charges his private coaching clients as much as $24,000 per year.

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As long as you’re a TradeCommand Network member in good standing, your membership rate will never go up.

No matter how much we charge others in the future - if we even open the doors to this network again - you’re guaranteed the same price for life.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If, after one year, you feel like TradeCommand hasn’t met your expectations…simply call up the Customer Care Hotline.We’ll provide a second year of FULL access, completely free of charge.

A second year of FREE access to the TradeCommand algorithmic arrays - which can cost us tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket to make available to you. OR, if you decide you’re tired of TradeCommand, we’ll move you to another one of Rogue’s premium services at no cost.

That’s how confident I am that you’re going to love being an elite member of the TradeCommand Network.

But remember - there are no refunds. Due to the nature of how you’ll be receiving these algorithms… and the proprietary nature of the research… all sales are final.

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$4,130 on DRUG...in three hours.

$5,870 on an in-and-out VLDR play in less than 24 hours..

$6,000 on NVTA…in two hours.

A $1,000 play on each of these three lightning-fast trades alone would have swelled to $16,000…and every one of them played out in less than a day.

But again, we’re only allowing 500 people to join the TradeCommand Network today.

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Once they’re gone, we cannot guarantee that memberships - or this incredible rate - will ever be available again.

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