“You're about to hold one of the most powerful weapons ever placed in the hands of Main Street traders —

It handed Chris Hood's TradeCommand Network EIGHT triple-digit wins last month…nearly doubling their accounts…

Here’s how you can capture the next batch for just $97”


Dear Rogue Reader,

December was a train wreck for investors.

The S&P dropped 5.8% — making it the eleventh-worst single-month decline of the last 50 years.

It was the end of the worst year for Wall Street since 2008.

But for some of us — it was a very different story.

By harnessing our proprietary Alpha Waves algorithm in our live trading room…

We averaged TWO triple-digit trades a week…
with a win rate of nearly 90%... while trouncing the S&P by 1,433%

Instead of suffering through a historic crash… we had a record-setting month of profits.

All told, December saw us nail EIGHT trades that jumped 100% or better….

With gains such as 157%...


Even 537%...

All opened… and closed… within 24 hours — one in just 25 minutes.

Just think: $1,000 into each of those trades would have turned $3,000 into $12,000…on single-day trades.

And those are just three of the eight trades that would have doubled your money or better in December.

That’s an average of two every single week.

If you had entered into each of these positions with $1,000…your stake would have blossomed to a staggering $24,778.13 last month —

Even as the stock market was closing out its worst year since 2008.

I’ve only made this sort of financial firepower available to the public ONCE in my entire career…

And I’ve NEVER offered a risk-free trial period before…

Meaning it’s crucial that you act right now, before I close the doors to the TradeCommand Network again on January 31st…possibly for YEARS…

Maybe even forever.

And frankly, I can’t even guarantee that it will remain open that long…because we’re only accepting 100 new members.

Once we hit that threshold, that’s it —

So I urge you to secure your spot NOW, before you leave this page and risk forfeiting your access for good.

There’s no long-term commitment when you sign up…no sneaky auto-renewals…

And if you don’t make your $97 back during your trial…I’ll refund every penny of your membership.


Now in case you’re thinking these trades were a fluke…

We placed 24 trades in the room last month…

And the Alpha Waves algorithm only saw THREE losers through all of December…

Handing us a win rate of nearly 90%

All told, if you had entered each of these positions with $1,000… you would be sitting on $42,556.77 right now.

While many investors were limping away from 2022 with staggering losses…

You could have been ringing in the new year with $18,556.77 in freshly-minted profits… after ONE month.

And that’s after factoring losses. Meaning you could have beat the S&P by 1,433%... nearly doubling your starting stake… securing dozens of winners… all within 30 days.

Imagine for a moment how different your life could be if you were nailing triple-digit gains TWICE A WEEK on average…

We’re talking about destiny-changing money here, and I’m giving you 30 days…completely risk-free…to experience these kind of life-altering profits for yourself.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple.

Four days a week, at 9:30 am, members of the TradeCommand Network are joining options maverick Chris Hood in his private, members-only trade room…

Where he hands out premium trade signals from the seemingly unstoppable Alpha Waves protocol.

This systematic, mathematical approach to the market removes the guesswork… the uncertainty… the doubt…

Leaving only clear signals for specific trades — with a 90% win rate last month.

The algorithm distills Chris’ decades of experience and financial success — including managing billions for companies such as Citibank & Barclays — down to one simple indicator…

That could have single-handedly sent your portfolio skyrocketing by nearly 80% in December alone.

And look — while nobody has a crystal ball, and things can abruptly change in the market at a moment’s notice…

The results speak for themselves.

Chris has kept this system under lock and key since its inception…opening the doors to the public only once before.

That changes today

Because right now, if you act TODAY, you’re invited to enter the hallowed halls of the TradeCommand Network.

But this invitation expires at midnight on January 31st, so if you don’t want to miss out on these trades…I urge you to sign up right now, before leaving this page.

Once inside, you’re going to be trading side-by-side with Chris, harnessing his unique approach to the markets…

Honing in on promising positions with laser precision, for a shot at reaping his next batch of triple-digit wins for yourself.

We’re talking about the types of trades that are

➔     Turning $1,000 into $2,575 in less than 24 hours…

➔     $1,000 into $2,983.10 in a single trading session…

➔     And even $1,000 into $5,373.60 in under an hour

The Alpha Waves protocol may be the single-greatest weapon ever placed in the hands of Main Street traders…

It’s powered by the very thing that decimated traders across the board in 2022:


As long as a stock is moving, you’re primed to snatch up massive, lightning-fast returns like 145%... 198%... 207%...

Especially if the price is in freefall —

Take a look at this:

On December 22nd, as the SPY was falling off a cliff…Alpha Waves targeted it for a winner.

And while the price moved only 3.38%…one of our member’s positions went soaring by 560%

That’s 143 times greater than the price movement… capable of turning $1,000 into $6,600 in two hours…

Again — one of our members
sextupled his money…
while the S&P FELL 3.38%.

All it takes is one play…on a tiny price swing…

To potentially net you THOUSANDS of dollars in a single afternoon.

In fact, the room watched last month as Chris personally grew an $11,000 account to $40,000 in just over one week.

Averaging $3,625 in profits per day.

Again — during the final month of the most devastating year for traders since the 2008 meltdown.

While the Financial Times reports that the average investor suffered a 44% loss in 2022, you could have rung in the new year with your account up almost 80% after ONE MONTH as a TradeCommand Network member.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with never again fearing market volatility…

The feeling of security you can enjoy when you realize that any downswing… any crash… any dip in the market…

Is really an opportunity for you to profit over and over again… at lightning speed.

That’s how it feels to be a member of the TradeCommand Network.

And it’s a feeling I want YOU to have… starting today.

The typical member pays $2,997 per year before they get to spend a single moment in Chris’ trade room.

But today…

I’m giving you 30 days to experience that peace of mind… that unparalleled security… and the ability to cash in on the next batch of triple-digit winners…

For only $97.

I’ll give you more details on that in a moment…

But frankly, the timing for this trial couldn’t be better…

Because the game has changed — forever.

2022 was just a taste of the financial rollercoaster that we’ll be riding over the years to come —

The writing’s on the wall, with all the major players in finance echoing the same sentiment. Just look at what BlackRock, the largest asset manager on the planet, had to say:

Then there’s Morgan Stanley’s chief investment officer warning that “We’re going into an environment where an economic variable, volatility, is going to be extreme

These two firms represent nearly $20 trillion in global assets… meaning they are larger than China, Germany, and India - combined.

And they say the playbook from the days of old needs to be thrown out… as a new era of trading has just dawned.

It’s hard to see it any other way

We watched as the S&P shed nearly a quarter of its value… a collapse Bloomberg called “The Great Crash of 2022,” $18 TRILLION was wiped from the markets … in the worst year for the traditional portfolio since The Great Depression.

And now a far rougher, more wrathful beast slouches its way toward Bethlehem to be born…

Folks, this paradigm-shifting catastrophe has only just begun.

It’s time to start preparing for double-damage… or worse.

Barclays is expecting the incoming recession to be the worst in 40 years…

And Rogue Investing founder Corey Snyder is predicting even more devastating losses as it heralds a 50% haircut for the entire market.

Entire fortunes could be vaporized overnight.

For most investors… these are terrifying numbers.

But again, for the members of the TradeCommand Network

The story is much different.

That’s why I’m formally inviting you to test drive this market-conquering research… for the next 30 days

Like I mentioned — TradeCommand Network normally runs $2,997 per year.

But as we enter the new year…

With more market risks… more people losing money… and the threat of an imminent recession…

We simply couldn’t stand by and watch.

Since the first opening bell of the year… our traders have seen gains of 50%... 100%... and 120% in a single day —

That’s what our team wants for you.

So we’ve SLASHED the price of TradeCommand Network today…

To just $97 for 30 days.

Meaning that if you sign up right now, before this offer expires on January 31st…

You can test out research that beat the the market nearly 14-fold in December for less than most people pay for Wifi

For a little background…

TradeCommand Network is helmed by none other than options maverick Chris Hood —

The options mastermind who was already overseeing a massive multinational asset account for Citibank — a company managing $21 Trillion in assets — by the age of 24…

Who pushed a billion-dollar Barclay’s division into the stratosphere in 2003… 250% higher than the average competitor…

And helped Al Rajhi Bank — a cornerstone of the Saudi economy — towards a 285% asset increase in a single year.

This is the kind of profit-earning power you can inject into your portfolio.

And you get to experience it LIVE with Chris… four days a week, starting right at the market open.

➢     You can ask him questions… live.

➢     You can watch him execute trades… live.

➢     You can get his thoughts on the market… live.

Chris doesn’t have to hide behind a curtain — once you experience his research, once you witness for yourself how his trading could produce massive winners for you almost every day of the week

I think you’ll see precisely why he’s called TradeCommand Network “the most powerful tool ever placed in the hands of Main Street investors.”

We have never made this offer before… and I doubt we ever will again.

The sheer volume of material you’ll be receiving… the training tools… the shoulder-to-shoulder guidance in the trade room…

It's one of the most extensive packages in Rogue Investing history.

And we want to let you test drive it for the equivalent of $3.23 a day.

A SINGLE TRADE could pay for the full trial in spades.

But I’m going to put the proverbial cherry on top…

Cover Your Cost… or your Money Back

We are so confident in this trial… so confident you’re going to love having TradeCommand Network as an asset in your life…

We’re making this bold guarantee:

          If you don’t earn at least $97 in profit… covering your trial fee over the next 30 days… we will refund you down to the penny.

It’s that simple.

Chris believes in results. He trades for a living. What he does, he does to pay his bills, to create generational wealth for his family.

If you don’t see the same potential… if you don’t see the chance to catch a windfall at Chris’ side…

We’ll happily give you back your $97 trial fee.

Now, the ball is in your court…

Do you want to suffer a repeat of 2022’s devastating losses…


Do you want to seize this never-before-seen opportunity… to seize win after win… handing you a potential fortune… even as the market collapses around you?

It’s time to decide.




Q: How long does my trial membership last?

30 days from your date of purchase.

Q: During my trial, will I have any limitations on my account?

Your $97 entitles you to receive the full benefits of TradeCommand Network membership for 30 days.

We’re putting everything on the table:

Every single trade, every single session, and the entirety of the TradeCommand Archive will be at your fingertips for the duration of your trial membership.

Q: How many trading sessions will there be?

The trade room opens six times a week, every week:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30am - 12:30, with special high-paced bonus sessions from 1:30-3:30 on Mondays and Fridays…

Giving you 24 opportunities to experience the power of this service over the next month.

However, there are no sessions on holidays when the market isn’t open.

Q: Will I be billed for a full year when my trial ends?

No. When your trial ends, that’s it — it ends, and you simply lose access to the room. You will only be charged if you contact us to upgrade to a full TradeCommand Network membership.

Q: Will I have to pay full price ($2,997/year) if I want to remain with the TradeCommand Network?


In fact, if you upgrade to an annual subscription before leaving this page… you can lock in your membership rate at $997 per year, no matter how much we charge future members —

If we ever open up registrations again, that is.

This is only the second time in history that the doors to the TradeCommand Network have been opened, and it may very well be the last.

Keep in mind — at this special rate of $997 (a 67% discount from $2,997)... even one of Chris’ 8 triple-digit wins from December could have paid for more than a year of access… with money left over.

Q: What’s the refund policy?

If you don’t make your $97 trial fee back over the next 30 days, we will gladly refund you every penny.

But if you choose to upgrade to the discounted annual or lifetime rate… you can still get a refund over the next 30 days.

In short, you’re not locked into any commitment until you’ve had an entire month to “look under the hood.”

Q: Can I make money even if I’m not in the trade room all week?

Yes! Every week, you’ll receive no fewer than three highlight trade alerts directly to your inbox so that you can still reap incredible windfalls even if you can’t join us for the live sessions.

Q: How much capital do I need to get started?

You can start making profitable trades with as little — or as much — capital as you’re comfortable with. As with all trades, you get out what you put in… and the sky's the limit!

We recommend having at least $1,000 to enjoy the biggest benefits. But some members start with as little as $100.

Q: When is the next session?

The next trade session starts in:

Q: Where do I sign up?

You can sign up in less than one minute using the form at the right side of this page…(at the bottom if you’re on a mobile device)…

But it’s imperative that you do so immediately, before you leave this page, because

We Are Only Offering 100 TradeCommand Network Trial Memberships

While I wish we could open the doors to everybody…

This offer is strictly limited to 100 people, with no guarantee that we will ever reopen it.

There are a few reasons for this. For one, options trades are more volatile than regular stock plays…

That’s what makes them so powerful — capable of turning a 3.88% price drop… into a 560% windfall.

But the goal is to get TradeCommand Network members into these trades at the best moment… with the best pricing… for the biggest possible returns…

And if we have THOUSANDS of people hitting every signal at the same time, the price swings will become erratic and dilute the value for our members.

But Chris has run the numbers… and 100 new powerhouse traders is a manageable figure…

And with an economic apocalypse at our doorstep… you can’t afford to pass up this opportunity to try out the TradeCommand Network for only $97.


Everything you receive TODAY with your all-inclusive Trade Command Network trial membership:

Full access to the TradeCommand Network

This is where all the action happens.

Four days a week, you’ll join Chris and the rest of the TradeCommand Network LIVE in their members-only trade room.

He’ll walk you through trades step-by-step and provide valuable insight into the rapidly changing market.

You’ll hear him announce trades out loud, in real time.


TWO Weekly Bonus Sessions

As part of your special trial membership, you’re also invited to attend BONUS sessions every Monday and Friday — two of the MOST exciting times to trade the market!

Email/SMS Trade Alerts

If you can’t make the trade room, we’ve got you covered —

EVERY WEEK you’ll receive 3–6 email alerts for Chris’s most promising trades so that you don’t miss out on a SINGLE week of explosive options plays.


Hit the ground running and start making your own plays IMMEDIATELY with:

The Options Blueprint Manual

This 14-page guide is going to jumpstart your options trading career and familiarize you with the different types of potential windfall trades you’ll be making as TradeCommand Network’s elite-level algorithms issue signals.

In The Options Blueprint Manual, you’ll find:

  • The anatomy of options, and what gives them the potential to generate exponentially greater returns than stocks
  • Lessons on the many different kinds of options trades you’ll be making
  • Complete instructions on how to follow TradeCommand Network alerts for maximum profit potential

The Options Mastery Tutorial Master Guide

This course teaches you everything you need to jumpstart your journey with Chris Hood and the world of options trading:

  • Training videos that show you how to make world-class options trades as easy as buying shares
  • A daily checklist to organize and streamline your trading day for maximum efficiency and profits
  • Spreadsheets to track your portfolio growth

24/7 Access to the Trade Room Archive

Whether you just missed a session… or you want to analyze every play that comes through the network to up your game…

Every session is recorded and stored in the TRADECOMMAND Archive for unlimited study and review.


Special Weekly Reports

Detailed market analysis and recaps on the rapidly-changing market landscape, the portfolio, and a full review of the previous week’s trading.

These might be written or recorded — just keep an eye on your inbox!

Our Exclusive Customer Care Hotline

You’re about to become part of an elite trading community with your own private member email box… and an exclusive customer care team dedicated to helping you get the most from your membership.

When You Join Today…You’re Getting The Very
Best Deal We’ve Ever Offered

Members of the TradeCommand Network pay upwards of $2,997 every year to access this service.

But today, you’re getting the opportunity to look over Chris's shoulder, day in, day out… for an entire MONTH…

24 trading sessions…

For only $97.

That comes out to just over $4 a session.

But remember — this incredibly low trial rate is available only to the first 100 people who join today…

Special BONUS: Lock in an annual membership for $2,997 $997 if you upgrade RIGHT NOW.

As long as you’re a TradeCommand Network member in good standing, your membership rate will never go up.

No matter how much we charge others in the future — if we even open the doors to this network again — you’re guaranteed the same price for life.

And remember…

If you don’t have a chance to make your $97 back over the next month of your trial… we’ll gladly refund you every penny.

That applies to any annual or lifetime upgrade as well.

No matter what — you have an entire month to decide if this is for you.


The Clock Is Ticking

You’re moments away from becoming one of 100 people gaining access to the TradeCommand Network today…

Joining the ranks of world-class traders who are consistently posting triple-digit returns… even at the end of the worst trading year since the 2008 meltdown…

Dozens of lightning-fast trades with the power to turn….

➔     $1,000 into $2,910 …

➔     $1,000 into $3,073…

➔     $1,000 into $6,373.63 in less than one hour.

A $1,000 play on each of these trades alone would have swelled to $12,357… and every one of them played out in less than a day.

That’s enough to pay for your trial membership 127-times over…

Enough to cover TWELVE YEARS of annual access!

But again, we’re only allowing 100 people to join the TradeCommand Network today...

And we expect these spots to go fast.

Once they’re gone, we cannot guarantee that memberships — or this incredible rate — will ever be available again.

You’re just a few clicks away from receiving your welcome package.

Again – this offer expires on January 31st, so it’s critical that you act
immediately if you don’t want to miss out.

Just click “Become a Member” on the right side of your screen and fill out the brief form.

Or call 308-889-4853 to get started right away.

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