How small account investors can target ‘hair-trigger’ trades Week after week

(Access the next 12 trades for $4)

Hi, this is Corey Snyder.

And today, I’m going to show you a new way of attacking the stock market…

Using a Method I’ve personally applied to make real time trades, with real money, over the last year.

I’m going to show how this Genetic Technologies chart…

Doubled my money in 36 days.

How a scan of this chart of RMG Acquisition Corp….

Handed me  a 113% gain in 18 days.

Even how this chart of Wimi Hologram Cloud...

Spun out a gain of 326% in only 23 days.

$1,000 into each of these stocks - I’m talking a stake of $3,000 total - would have skyrocketed your money to $8,390…

Potentially almost tripling your money in 3 trades.

The best part?

These are real windfalls I locked in over the last year.

I call these “hair-trigger” trades.

And I’ve spent the last year obsessively refining my ability to identify them using my RapidFire Method.

I’ll dig more into exactly what this method is - I’m even going to share three of my key principles powering it before the end of this presentation… and how you can access my next 12 trades.

But first, I want you to understand the potential in front of you today…

The actual life-changing possibilities of triangulating these “hair-trigger” trades… and harnessing them to grow even the smallest trading account at breakneck speed.

And I would know - I started with less than $12,000 total to trade.

In some instances I could only buy a few shares at a time - and not any big stocks unless I wanted to put all my eggs in one basket.

I still promptly lost as much as 33% of it in foolhardy efforts - testing out various “tried and true” methods and following the rules set out by people who didn’t need money soon

Rules set by guys who were comfortable losing thousands of dollars over and over for the oddball homerun trade.

That’s not me.

When I made my official foray into the markets as a full-blown trader, I was taking care of my ailing father, my newborn daughter, had just quit a comfortable financial advising job, all while jumping into a brand new business venture.

I’ll explain more about all of that in a minute.

But my point is that these “hair-trigger trades” are of a rare breed - stocks which move, big, and quickly, without requiring you to day trade.

Let me say that again - the RapidFire method is not a day trading specific approach.

To be honest, when I first started, I couldn’t Buy and Sell stocks on the same day without triggering a “pattern day trader” event with my broker…

Something that requires you to have at least $25,000 in your account.

Again, I was starting at a difficult time in life, and the only amount I could spare towards my trading, the only amount I could peel off my personal savings, was less than $12,000.

But by spending hours every single day studying the entire stock market… dissecting the difference between winners and losers…

Stacking up my own losses and performing painfully honest post-mortems to see what happened…

I slowly began to piece together what I’m going to share with you today.

The result is that I’ve since managed to secure a win rate of over 78%...

359 winning trades…

And 56 triple digit gains.

That all includes my earliest losers before I refined this Method. I’m talking about the days when I was still testing every theory and even purposely losing money just to prove a theory wrong.

Even with these hiccups, I was still averaging a triple-digit winning trade every 54 days...

Gains like 102% on Cleveland BioLabs in 22 days

199% on Fastly in 84 days.

Or even 104% on Pyxus International in 12 days.

These are just a few of my favorites trades once I started refining my method...

Real trades where I put my money on the line to test my RapidFire Method in the trenches.

Again, by pushing everything else to the side…

By forgetting what I was told about fundamentals and what famous investors said I should do with my money.

Today, I’m going to help you cut to the front of the line.

I’ll show you how to skip the entire discovery process I had to endure - the panic selling that cost me thousands in lost profits, the overconfident buys that cost me thousands from bad entries, the foolish holds that saw my homeruns swing into bloodlettings, and even the trade experiments where I knew I would lose.

All of which has brought me here, to this presentation, to sharing my RapidFire Method… to revealing these hair-trigger trades… and to laying out my three core principles for you.

Principles which helped me earn steady profits, even with a small account. Principles I believe could help direct you at some of the highest probability winners in the market right now.

But I’m going to take it even further before our time is done today.

I’m going to give you all the tools you need to implement the RapidFire Method… and then I’m going to show you how to access my next 12 “hair-trigger trades” for just $4, without any further obligation.

This is a way of getting an inside look at my personal portfolio… the exact methodology… the exact stocks I look at day to day, week to week… to pay for everything from diapers to bar tabs to my mortgage and even new gym equipment.

Because this method isn’t just for “some day” making money - “some day” getting a payout.

It’s designed to be monetized every single week… every single month.


Because I needed it to work that way.

Before I dig further, let me share some details about myself, so you get a better feel for who I am and why I am speaking to you about this today…

Why I’ve decided to come out of the woodwork after almost a year to share my Method…

And to make it available to you.

Again, my name is Corey Snyder.

And I’m the co-founder and publisher at Rogue Investing.

If you’ve seen my name, you’ve probably been one of the thousands who read my firm’s daily e-letter, The Dawn Report.

However, Rogue Investing and my work now emerged after many years of coming face to face with the darker side of the financial industry.

After rubbing elbows with the sons and daughters of Fortune 500 CEOs and walking the same brick paths of investment legends like Paul Tudor Jones at the University of Virginia, I spent years in the world of banking and finance, working with millionaires to help them protect and grow their wealth.

I spent countless nights turning over every stone, researching every vague financial instrument to get my certifications and investment licenses - certifications that would allow me to participate in the investments of the super-wealthy, like private venture deals and other programs that required accreditation.

I wanted to use what I learned to help anyone from multi-millionaires to blue-collar mechanics like my father.

And I planned to do it all from a high level office with a window.

I left that behind when I realized how far my views were from the reality of the finance industry.

That investors were being sold “safe” investments that wouldn’t really protect them in the event of a freefall… all so brokers and bankers could get outsized bonus checks.

And as a banker who worked his way from the teller window all the way to the back office...

As a former FINRA licensed rep who’s worked with the largest financial institutions in the world — the very same ones you see making headlines on TV right now...

I saw plenty of instances where the goal of the financial world became clear: to get more of your money in their pockets.

Like the time I helped an investor unearth a ticking time bomb in their portfolio that was pitched as a “flexible” investment product with a big payoff later on…

Only to amount to something that would cost him 3x what he had put in when I showed him it was set to implode.

Another time, I sat across from a true rags to riches multi-millionaire whose previous advisor guaranteed complete safety from the stock market, but was somehow going to be able to reap the rewards of a flourishing bull market…

And after several years of locking up hundreds of thousands of his hard earned dollars, his investment gained a mere 1% annually…

This was during a time when the market gained 61% - meaning his “safety” net had cost him over $56,000 for every $100,000 invested.

I even met with a couple whose portfolio was costing them a fee double the national average… all because their money manager invited them to upscale events where they were wined and dined alongside others that bled money to the same firm…

And you see commercials for this firm every time you watch CNBC.

But it didn’t stop there.

I witnessed a single mother whose former advisor took advantage of her trust.

He urged her to invest in a product far more complex than any “risky” investment — confusing even to seasoned financial veterans…

Without a full understanding of the details, she was unaware of what would happen when she needed money the most...

And after her daughter lost  her life… when she needed to pay for her funeral... she saw her savings crushed under huge, administrative penalties. Penalties she had to pay before she could even access one cent of her own money!

Needless to say, I couldn’t stomach being part of a system that let Main Street hold the bag for Wall Street’s failures.

Which is why I founded Rogue Investing...

And it’s why I’m reaching out to you today…

Why I’m sharing the RapidFire Method… and the difference it has made for me.

Again, in a minute I’ll show you the three guiding principles that drive the entire Method.

You can start applying these principles yourself today - or you can stick around and see how to access my next 12 hair-trigger trades for just $4.

But before we dig into that, I want to give you a glimpse of why I consider this perhaps one of the best approaches in the current market…

Why someone with a small trading account and an urgent need to start extracting profits immediately could benefit from it the most…

And why I’m so eager to make it available to you today -potentially see results as early as the coming week.

First, take a look at this chart:

This is the market from the start of 2020 through to December.

Now while the market went on to smash an all-time high, it first saw a historic crash - a 33% drop that is now considered  the fastest bear market swing in history.

Ultimately, the S&P moved up roughly 10%.

Again- if you bought and held the market all year, you would have made $10,000 on every $100,000 in your account…

Or $1,000 on every $10,000.

As a former banker, I knew going in I couldn’t sit back and let the market do the work for me.

I’ve seen too many accounts growing 2%, 5%, maybe 8% or 10% a year.

If you’ve got 10 years to wait for a pay off - go for it.

But I had around $12,000 to trade and needed to start supplementing my income immediately.

Now look - I’m going to show you what I accomplished.

Everyone’s mileage varies.

But I believe, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that by harnessing the RapidFire Method... you can get pretty close to these results - or even better.

It’s why I want to send you my next 12 trades for less than 30 cents a trade… because I am fully convinced of your ability to make back many times that amount.

OK, take a look at this.

Here is the exact same chart of the market…

I’m going to be completely clear with you here, because I want you to see the amount of time and money I’ve invested into perfecting RapidFire over the last year.

From January to December, I made 459 trades.

I closed 359 wins - a win rate of over 78% across hundreds of trades...

With 56 of them hitting triple-digit returns - doubling my money or better.

And on average, I closed a win every 49 days.

Some faster - like ShiftPixy, which moved 102% in 4 days…

Some longer, like DraftKings, which took almost 6 months but delivered a gain of 141%.

I’ll dig more into the distinction between the two in a bit.

But understand - these weren’t hypothetical. And not every trade was a triple-digit win. But these were real time, real money trades.

The losses were real. I had to learn from each of them to get better.

In fact, those “bad trades” encouraged me to stick closer and closer to the RapidFire Method…

They convinced me that unless the “hair-trigger” elements were in place, I shouldn’t even bother with certain stocks.

For example…

Right as the market began its historic collapse in March, I spotted an unexpected but perfect setup in Waitr Holdings.

A setup that allowed me to ride the wave of social sentiment around food delivery as it began swelling in popularity…

The result was a 133% gain in 51 days.

Or here, in October, while the market was tumbling after falling short of an all-time high, my analysis picked up on a little company called Marathon Patent Group.

Now, I had played similar cryptocurrency stocks in this sector earlier in the year, so I decided to run with this one...

The sector was being carried by the bullishness in Bitcoin and I knew this trade was just a matter of time…

My conviction on this trade was extremely high with the social sentiment, the chart pattern, and technical moving averages crossing...

The result was a gain of 122% in only 31 days.

Or here on July 23rd, when the market was still well below the February highs and due for a short-term correction. I saw a “hair-trigger” set up in Jumia Technologies and jumped on it with both hands.

By December I was up 317%.

Now you’ll notice these are all very different companies.

Waitr Holdings is an online food delivery platform.

Marathon is a patent holding company.

Jumia Technologies is an e-commerce company aspiring to be the Amazon of Africa.

But they all shared the same key elements - they all abided by the same principles constituting “hair-trigger” trades.

When you begin to understand the drivers that force a stock into activity…

The unstoppable elements that give a share price no choice but to fire off and rip higher…

You can start truly giving yourself a chance at pulling exponential profits out of the market.

Again, in a second, I’m going to share a special invitation for you to access my next 12 “hair-trigger” trades…

The next 12 RapidFire opportunities I personally select and trade in real time…

For just $4.

30 cents a trade.

But before diving into those details, let’s dissect the three core principles of the RapidFire Method.

Understand - these principles aren’t “signals.”

They're the main ideas that direct my trading.

They’re guideposts that help shine a light on the stocks with the highest probability of making a move.

Following these principles has helped me nail down a win rate of 78%...

And 56 triple digit gains...

All during one of the most trying times in market history…

Without shorting, without leveraged trading, without even day trading.

Now, a last note…

Before I explain these principles, you need to grasp my fundamental belief about equities and how you examine stocks.

This is pivotal to grasp as a trader - if you’re buying and holding stocks for 6 months, 12 months, or years at a time you approach things differently than someone like me… trying to get in and out within 30 to 60 days on average.

Here’s the distinction:

Too many people view stocks as companies.

When you view stocks as a trader,
you have to view them as a story market players are telling each other.

In the end, you’re using all the tools at your disposal to decide which story has the most support.

When you do that, you get beyond the trap of “is this a good company or a bad company?” or “is this company solid? Unstable?”

For example, I didn’t care whether Bridgeline Digital was a good company or a bad one.

I only knew - based on the principles I’m going to share - that the story of it going up was the strongest, most high probability event.

The result was that I bought Bridgeline at $1.21 and sold it 3 days later for $2.74 - a 126% gain.

It’s the same with Wah Fu Education Group. I didn’t have to read a single corporate filing or even check the company’s website to see the story playing out.

And that story told me to buy at $2.30 on May 26th and sell just 15 days later at $4.64 - a gain of 101%.

Or even iBio, Inc. I couldn’t have told you a thing about the company - but with my principles guiding me, I saw the story - and after taking a position at $1.53, I saw my money grow 151% in just 35 days.

Which brings me to my Principles.

Because interpreting the story… reading between the lines of market movers and traders across millions, even billions of dollars in micro and macro moves across thousands of stocks…

Comes down to these three principles - principles that make up the foundations of what tells you whether the story of a stock is going to the bulls or the bears.

Keep in mind, a lot of this was gleaned from my time in the financial advising world.

I saw all of this play out first hand over and over…

Witnessed investors pushed into the meat grinder by chasing flimsy investments they were sold by fast talking Wolf of Wall Street types.

In the time I've spent analyzing markets, and trading them almost full-time for the last year, here is what I've found...

The three principles of the RapidFire Method.

PRINCIPLE #1: Social Momentum

I’m going to dive in and show you all three principles in action, but first I want to clarify “social momentum.”

This means the stock has entered either the eye of the general public, or has gained the attention of a select group of active watchers.

Think of it as the old story of one person stopping to look up, and then everyone stops to look up with them and see what they’re staring at.

It could be nothing - but enough people watching, enough people filling the space, creates an event of social momentum.

Whether that’s a surge in watchlist adds, trading volume, or even moves by institutional investors, you name it.

We just want a concentration of eyeballs fixating on the company.

The more watchers, the more potential money enters the stock.

Which leads us to...

PRINCIPLE #2: Supply-Demand Divergence

We’re talking economics 101.

Think of the idea of social momentum - a lot of eyeballs are fixating on the stock.

A lot of traders with money in hand, ready to buy and sell.

The less shares available to buy, the more valuable every share becomes.

It’s why companies perform stock buybacks - in an effort to reduce share price dilution.

It’s a key signal in whether an IPO will do well - if the company is selling 30, 40, 50% of their shares to the public, people on the inside are planning to make more money on the initial offering than when the lock up ends 6 months down the road.

The number of shares available to the public is called the float rate.

The supply-demand divergence principle is critical for this reason.

When there are more eyeballs fixing on the stock, but the number of shares remains low, it’s going to create an upward pressure on the stock.

And that takes us into…

PRINCIPLE #3: The Trend is Your Friend

Now, you’ve probably heard that phrase before - but it’s where push comes to shove.

If we are tracking social momentum, if we’re targeting supply-demand divergence, the last step is making sure the trend, the story of the stock, is going in one direction: the direction that makes money.

I use several different indicators for this, like Bollinger Bands, candlesticks, finding a range, floor of support, squeezes, a Golden Cross, fish hooks, bull flags - you name it.

Every share price varies.

But I look for no less than 3 confirmation signals that we’re on the right path.

The reason is simple: if there is social momentum…

If there is a supply-demand divergence…

If there are several technical indicators showing a trend is cinching tighter and tighter based on market player moves

A single catalyst is all it takes to create the hair-trigger event - the abrupt moment when the stocks rockets, doubling or tripling in the blink of an eye.

By adhering to these three principles, we are essentially creating a “bases loaded” situation. One catalyst brings the whole team home.

And even then… even when I’m confident based on the principles… the stock has to move 8 to 10% within a week or I sell off my position.

In some rare cases, I’ll re-examine for longer holds… which can lead to payoffs like my 131% gain on Cloudflare after 6 months…

Or my 317% gain on Jumia Technologies after 5 months.

Even my hold from May 5th through December 15th of Microvision, Inc.

Despite a 7 month hold, this trade generated a 411% gain.

But in general, if a stock hasn’t moved 8 to 10% in a week after I’ve chosen it based on the three RapidFire Principles…

Then I know it’s not a “hair-trigger” trade.

Because a “hair-trigger” trade looks like this move on Nano…

Or this move on USEG

Or this move on WIMI

In short, they’re on the cusp of a major move. All they needed was the catalyst as a pressure release for the immense amount of momentum building behind them...

A move that could hand out a 50% gain, 100% gain, even 300% gain in a matter of weeks.

In another moment, I’m going to show you how to start accessing these trades - delivered straight to your cell phone and email address at least 3 times a week…

I’m talking about receiving my next 12 hair-trigger trades, viewing my entire current watchlist, and more - starting today.

Again, this is the exact methodology, the exact approach to trading, that helped me secure a win-rate of over 78%...

Average gains of 27%...

Over the course of nearly a year… across 459 trades.

And this even includes all of my failed trades - many of which were experiments to serve as I tested different theories, using myself as a financial guinea pig..

However, before I show you the exact steps to securing your access - I want to make sure there is absolutely no confusion.

I want you to come away from this with a complete knowledge of
 how these RapidFire principles look in action…

And what it looks like leading up to the moment a stock is determined as a “hair-trigger” ...

I’ll even show you how a single stock’s trend can yield multiple opportunities to make money.

Let's start with the three I just named…

Just months before I took a position, I’d caught word of a 3D Printing company named Nano Dimension (NNDM). It had run well into the triple-digits and held its gains pretty well, so I kept my eye on it figuring that it had to retrace a fair amount.

On top of that, the float on NNDM was relatively low at about 28 million… Considering the company only has 100 million shares outstanding, you can see that this is less than a quarter of total shares to buy…

Folks were holding on - tight.

So, real quick, let’s take a look at the chart...

You see here in May, the stock went parabolic. That’s the first run that got my attention.

I put a lot of time into identifying patterns... and if a particular stock develops a pattern for big runs, I’ll sometimes trade it multiple times throughout the year.

But after the leap in the share price, I wanted to wait until what's referred to as the “Bollinger Bands” contracted.

Simply put, this is just an indicator that helps you get a visual of the range in which the stock is trading. A big move up or down expands the range and when the price of the stock stays tight, the bands tighten...

Well, I wanted to watch for it to basically squeeze the price range... and it did in September of this year.

If you look at the stock, it had a rapid pop and held without a major drop... A lot of times when a stock moves up out of the blue, it comes right back down immediately.

But that didn’t happen here.

It formed a “floor” over the course of a few days and started to close a little higher each day. Once I saw the stock move above the most recent highs and the lows were also higher, I took a position.

Now, I want to add that I looked at institutional buys and saw that a very popular and successful money manager had taken a large position in the stock ,which gave me an even stronger conviction for buying.

You can see where I bought at $2.34 with that blue arrow…

And within 8 days, I took profits at $5.88 for a 151% gain...

But I decided to play it again because it just looked too easy.

I bought back in a couple of weeks later, playing the same exact pattern, and did it all over again... buying in at $3.05 and selling at $6.11 for a little over 100%.

One stock, two triple digit wins.

Here’s the next one - U.S. Energy Corp (USEG).

This is another trade that I had some real success with and quite frankly, it caught me off guard… because it ripped far more than I anticipated.

Even Benzinga wrote about it.

But I had spent some time screening for stocks in the energy sector. The sector had been beaten down, badly, and I expected there would be a rebound effect in short order. The focus was to find stocks that had a repeating pattern of spiking while maintaining a low float.

In my research I found US Energy Corp. (USEG)... at the time the float was less  than 2 million which is extremely low.

But I noticed a pattern of dipping before soaring and there seemed to be a patterned interval of time between each of these as well.

If you look at the purple arrow, you’ll see where I took my entry… Now, was this my ideal entry? Not at all, but my strategy is never to buy all at once anyways… And even then, I wasn’t concerned as I was looking for the $7-8 range as a price target judging by recent patterns of firing off…

In fact, I bought more as it dropped… This was a high conviction trade.

Social momentum had begun to increase as well - volume began spiking every few days. This is usually a major indicator that attention was growing at a clip.

Beyond that, the stock took another dip and established a floor as you can see on the arrow to the right… just before soaring. If you look at the other blue arrows, you’ll see the pattern of “dip and rip”...

And on September 29th, the stock jumped to as high as 329% and I walked away with an overall 109% gain.

Now, this one I’m going to show you was insane.

Full disclosure - I sold too early.

Still, I can’t be upset about a triple-digit gain...

WiMi Hologram Cloud (WIMI) was another stock that came up on my radar while screening for trades.

Again, a similar deal: low float with around 4 million shares available ... strong price floor with support... and a tightened trading range.

And of course, the stock was catching eyes with an onslaught of press releases...

You see, just a few months before this, WIMI went public on the stock exchange, but you never would have known who this Chinese company was or what they did.

I’d seen the name in my email from an IPO announcement newsletter I receive almost daily. … But in this case, the name rang a bell when it populated into my screener.

I took a peek at the chart and read a few of the press releases.

They’d been leading a recent crusade in their investor relations and marketing department and signals kept flashing - *5G*... *AI*... *Hologram*...

It seemed like a sleeper stock.

I added it to my watchlist to see what the daily price action looked like.

I want you to take a look at something though… You see the blue lines- The Bollinger Bands I mentioned above?

Well, look at how they began contracting after hitting the low of $3.20 - showing that the price range was becoming extremely tight.

Buyers clearly made a statement that the $3.20 price was the floor because the share price moved up after that and stayed away from that number, mainly trading in the $3.40-$3.60 range.

The stock then went on to set a higher lows and settled at $3.40.. Another clear signal of an imminent move.

A couple of days later on June 18th, I took a position...

Now, I know this is a lot, but I want you to understand what I saw and why I bought it…

The word on the street about the stock was pretty hush-hush although wherever I could find folks talking about it, they all were saying the same thing: “This is being slept on.”

To which I agreed… It just needed a catalyst. And with the float as low as it was, I believed it could only go up.

And on July 10th, it happened… when WIMI’s technology was used by Jack Ma of Alibaba and Elon Musk of Tesla during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

This was it.

And I gained a cool 326.89% in 22 days.

This is the RapidFire Method.

  • We follow 3 guiding principles to find “Hair-trigger” trades - social momentum, supply-demand divergence, and technical trend analysis.
  • We then wait for those stocks to make a quick preliminary 10% move within the first week of holding… as a sign of a catalyst kicking off a major run  
  • And we sell when all the signals that told us to buy lose traction  
  • Ultimately allowing us to potentially average a win rate of 78% across more than 400 trades

But before you start thinking these trades are all in the past…

That the well of opportunity has dried up...

You need to understand they’re unfolding every minute of the day.

Right now I have 12 stocks on my “RapidFire Watchlist.”

I have even more stocks I’ve already traded - stocks I’ve mentioned today - that I’m preparing to go back to for another shot of profits.

My point is, hair-trigger trades are manifesting faster than I can keep up with them all…

And I want to start giving you access to them - immediately - as part of this limited invitation.


I want to give you a way of getting my 3 best trades - maybe more - every single week.

A way to get clear guidance on what I’m buying, why I’m buying it, what price I’m buying it at, and more.

With the way the market is moving…

With dips and rips seeming to come at a moment’s notice…

There’s just no room to be a passive investor or trader anymore.

Consider that 6 of the biggest market moves in history have all happened in the last 10 months.

But inside each of these abrupt movements there has been a flurry of opportunities for those capable of spotting them.

Gains like 110% on Precipio Inc in 23 days

134% on Tonix Pharmaceuticals in 35 days.

Even 238% on XpresSpa Group in 38 days.

And for the last year, my firm, Rogue Investing, has been providing our best research to readers to help them isolate and harness these windfalls.

Now, I want to give you access to my personal strategies - my personal portfolio of trades and principles that have helped me secure a win rate of 78% over the last year.

Which is why I’ve decided to roll out my first exclusive research service…


A service I want to invite you to become one of the first members of today.

And I think you’re really going to love how this works…

Especially when I show you how to get started with just $4… while securing my next 12 trades, at minimum

Here’s the rundown:

Every single day of the week, I get up at 6 AM and sit down at my computer.

I finalize my firm’s daily e-letter, The Dawn Report, and start reviewing the market’s overnight activities.

I examine the futures, I review the after hours trades from my personal accounts, and I start working on my tradeplan for the day.

Here’s where you come in.

As a member of RapidFire, you get a notice within minutes of me making a trade selection.

This could be two trades a day… it could be 3 trades for the whole week.

Three is usually my bare minimum, since there’s always at least three identifiable moves to profit from.

As a member of RapidFire, you would receive a heads up within 10 minutes of me executing a trade… both by email AND an instant SMS Text Alert.

And when it has run its course, I’ll send you a notice to sell immediately.

Plus, I'll be waiting 30 minutes after the sell notice before I exit the position.

And I want to help you hit the ground running... Starting by giving you immediate login credentials to secure my entire RapidFire Training Library.

This material breaks down exactly how the RapidFire Method works…

With dozens of real examples from my personal portfolio…

An introductory volume on my favorite patterns… the most powerful technical signals I’ve found… position sizing… risk mitigation… a layman’s guide to candlestick charting…

This even includes my current most comprehensive document on this method, “The RapidFire Playbook.”

Even better, I’ve included a piece I wasn’t sure about releasing to the public… because it has been so instrumental to me and many of my friends profiting.

It’s called “The SPAC Hunter” - and it lays out, in a user-friendly manual, how to start profiting from one of the most radically effective “new” investment vehicles on the planet (I have several real time examples broken down in here for you).

You’ll also get two training videos from me as part of the RapidFire Webinar Series, where you see me do a live breakdown of a handful of trades, showing you on camera how some of these positions played out, the lessons learned from them, and how I decided to hold one 2 months longer than normal to

secure a 300% gain.

rapidfire - webinar series

The best part?

I do a “post-mortem” webinar like this every month on Zoom for RapidFire members, so you can see my thought process over the last 30 days, submit questions, and more.

Of course, just to be thorough, it doesn’t stop there.

I also do a weekly “Rapid Wrap-Up,” either written or video, where I look back at the market activity to see what has affected the RapidFire portfolio and what we may be doing going into the following week.

You get the entire existing RapidFire Portfolio - with current holdings, buy up to prices, buy, hold, or sell distinctions, and trade performance updated daily.

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Think about everything that comes up in life.. Trading with this RapidFire method over the last year has been part of helping me come out of the chaos.

It helped me with covering some of my father’s funeral expenses when that time came.

Understand - RapidFire runs for $87 per month.

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Third, You get my Weekly Market Lookback, where I dig into exactly what has affected the portfolio over the last week - every major economic event, every shift in the stock market, every rip or dip in our trades - this is a true portfolio x-ray so we stay on the same page.

Fourth, you get access to the entire RapidFire Portfolio, with every current and past trade..

Fifth, you get my Hair-Trigger Watchlist on the encrypted Member’s Only website. These aren’t stocks I’ve officially bought, but ones I am actively watching and waiting for the right signal before going all in.

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This is Corey Snyder. Thanks for joining me today.