The man who predicted the rise of Bitcoin in 2020… the explosion of Zoom… the rocket ride of Moderna… and the collapse of all three… now issues an urgent alert for:

The Trade of The Decade

Four of the world’s most powerful trends are
converging on one stock…

Its technology is the bedrock of modern civilization...

And the next moves it makes could ripple through more than $44 trillion in global capital...

Mr. X has already forecasted 15 separate stock picks with gains north of 100%... including one that returned 442%

Here’s how to access his next watershed predictions…

Dear Trader,

Right now, there’s one stock every investor should have in their portfolio.

This stock is the foundation of the world as we know it.

Without it –

Energy grinds to a halt.

The surging developments in automation - dead in their tracks.

Healthcare. Military systems. All of it stutters out, and society comes crashing down around us.

This one company is  carrying the entire weight of a market sector that’s worth over $429 BILLION… and poised to approach $730 BILLION in just six years.

All told, its technology directly impacts more than $44 Trillion in global industry.

Even McKinsey says, “Our world is built on [their product]”

And right now… they’re poised for a massive leap.

We’re talking about a setup that hasn’t been seen in decades.

I want to send you a special report about the most important company you’ve never heard of…

As part of a special drive we’re doing for our flagship advisory, Rogue Investing Daily.

The service is spearheaded by an elite Washington insider known only as  Mr. X.

He’s a private, well-connected man who hears all of the whispers on Wall-Street…and keeps close tabs on the sensitive closed-door meetings in D.C.

In fact, you may have read about him before –

But due to the sensitive nature of the information contained in this special report, and dozens like it...

We can never share his photo or his real name.

He is notoriously secretive about his connections and colleagues…

But the power of his “black book” network has shown itself time and time again –

Mr. X always seems to know exactly which way the wind is blowing…

And his seemingly-clairvoyant predictions have allowed him – and his readers – to profit massively from the most tidal market shifts in recent history…

At the onset of the COVID pandemic, he declared Zoom a “stock for the long term” - and it returned over 415% gain in just 7 months…

He identified Moderna as a “Coronavirus King” and it shot up by 642% in 15 months.

He even predicted the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum long before they rocketed by 811% and 1,911% respectively…

Mr. X’s has his hands in every corner of the market –

Biotech, rare earth metals, currencies, cryptos, tech stocks, breakout movers, and so much more…

In short…

Nothing in the market is
left untouched.

And he is quick to inform his readers of critical “Buy” opportunities.

Mr. X has issued strong recommendations even in perhaps the most turbulent market of the past decade…

Securing readers over 200 wins since his first issue.

We’re talking about explosive returns like a 122% gain on YANG in less than 3 months…

300% on PLTR in 4 months…

He even urged his readers to buy AMC when it was trading at $9…

Less than a month later, the stock ripped through the roof… delivering a whopping 442 plus% return for readers who followed his recommendations.

If you had placed even $1,000 on each of these trades…you would be sitting on $11,640.

But these gains are nothing compared to the potential windfalls Mr. X reveals in the report that I want to share with you today.

When his similarly groundbreaking report The Coronacrash Survival Guide was released in March 2020…

Rogue Investing Daily readers were given four urgent market plays with an eye to long-term profits.

In this historic publication, Mr. X suggested Moderna (MRNA) as an immediate, strong buy opportunity under $25.

During the onset of the crisis, not many knew about MRNA, but it quickly rose to be one of the leading “vaccine stocks” in 2020.

From $25 a share in March 2020 to its high on August 10th, 2021…

MRNA skyrocketed by as much as 1,889.96%!

Which means a $1,000 stake would have turned into $18,890.

A $5,000 investment?

About $94,450.

And that’s just one out of the four companies Mr. X recommended during the onset of the pandemic in his “Coronacrash Survival Guide.”

Gilead (GILD) jumped 22% in 32 days…

BioNTech (BNTX) even saw a 150% plus jump in just 3 trading days in March 2020.

But had you held on to this “Survival Trade” you would have reaped  an incredible gain of more than 1,154% by August 2021.

Even his BONUS trade, Inovio (INO), crested to an astounding 409% in 4 months.

4 picks that posted incredible growth just after the recommendation - including three that returned well over 100% over the next year-and-a-half.

Just $1,000 into each of Mr. X’s recommendations in the “Coronacrash Survival Guidecould have turned a modest $4,000 total investment into a return of more than $34,000 with the right timing.

But that’s pennies compared to the potential contained within this one stock.

The company behind it is what Mr. X calls a “choke point.”

Right now, four paradigm-shifting megatrends are barreling towards it at full speed…

And when they collide on the ticker I’m going to share with you today, you’re going to see an impact unlike anything he’s predicted before.

In “Trade of The Decade: The Most Critical Stock to Own Now.” you’re going to learn exactly how these forces are poised to blow the lid off this stock…and mint you a potential fortune in the process.

In his own words,

But again, this isn’t Mr. X’s first rodeo when it comes to deploying urgent, special communiques.

The last time he issued such a monumental alert was when he published “The Great Reset.”

And in that special report…

Mr. X became one of the first to
predict the now LEGENDARY
V-bounce that rocketed the market
to all-time highs…

He  accurately forecasted the market’s bounce from the 2020 bottom within weeks of Black Monday…setting investors up to cash in on a historic market rally.

By the end of the year, the NASDAQ composite was nearing 13,000, almost double its  sub-7,500 level when the report was released.

Inside The Great Reset”, Mr. X urged readers to buy no less than 3 urgent stock recommendations.

And as a result…

HUYA saw a gain of more than 104% under 5 and half months…

Zoom Communications (ZM) shot straight up — eliciting a gain of over 20% in 7 months.

And he saw Nvidia (NVDA) positioned at the center of a potential market recovery and economic overhaul stating,

Nvidia delivered a 14o% gain in less than 7 months.

But what’s more…

Those that held onto this “Reset Stock” could have seen an eye-watering 468% return in less than 2 years…

And he predicted perhaps one of the biggest breakouts of all…

A breakout which has still shaken the world and launched what ultimately became a $3 trillion industry from just $200 billion…

The Crypto Blitz

From his very first issues – long before the legendary bull run that brought mainstream investors and celebrity endorsements flooding in…

Mr. X was urging readers to stake their claim on the cryptos that would come to dominate the market.

He suggested buying Bitcoin when it was still trading at $7,434.18 –

Within a year, it was up by over 700% and barreling towards an all time high of $68,789.

Ethereum when it was $214.60 a token…

After he wrote on the  “Value of Privacy” and the once-fringe Monero…the price skyrocketed by 390%.

And investors who snapped up DogeCoin after he identified it for speculative trading…

Watched their holdings soar by as
much as 11,940% when the token
went ballistic

These are the types of trades that create life-changing wealth.

But…as you and I both know…it’s not the entry that makes a winner –

It’s the exit.

Fast forward to November 2021 – a full month before the floor fell out of the crypto market, and Mr. X was already urging Rogue Investing Daily readers to “get off the crypto hamster wheel” as the bear market reared its head.

And even before the Terra collapse shook the crypto market to its core, he was warning investors about the dangerous precipice that crypto exchanges were sitting on…

Since that warning, we’ve watched as foundational companies like Celsius, Voyager, and even FTX - the third largest exchange in the world - crashed to the ground. All told, crypto investors have watched more than $2 trillion vaporized…

Again… so there is no confusion… Here is the exact sequence of events…

Since the dawn of Rogue Investing Daily, Mr. X has been keeping his readers one step ahead of the greatest shifts in the market…

But his trailblazing work has led to this moment…

The Trade of the Decade

In this brand new confidential dossier, Mr. X is going to show you the most important stock to buy now.

This one company holds the keys to a global market that McKinsey declared “critical to the smooth functioning of the global economy” —

And the world’s leading investors are racing to claim their stakes.

Blackrock currently holds 32 million sharesin the company…

Fidelity Management has over $1 Billion invested…

The United States government is spending up to $52 billion to bring their product’s manufacturing to American shores…

And China, the manufacturing powerhouse of the world, spends nearly twice as much money on this company’s product than they do on oil.

Business Standard called it “the most important company that you’ve never heard of…”

And today, in “Trade of The Decade: The Most Critical Stock to Own Now,” Mr. X has revealed the name of this company, and outlines exactly how you can take advantage of it to reap potentially life-changing profits…

And I’m going to give it to you for
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But these wins are just the tip of the iceberg…

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Right now, an opportunity has come to the forefront - something that eclipses everything we’ve covered here today.

Mr. X has gone so far as to say this is the stock to own for the decade.

It will impact every facet of the $85 Trillion global economy…

With implications reaching from advanced government tech straight out of MIT… to your kitchen countertop.

The Wall Street Journal says this company has “one of the best spots in a temperamental industry.”

And this one company is the key to unlocking everything.

And in his new report, Trade of The Decade: The Most Critical Stock to Own Now, Mr. X lays out the full story of this trade…and gives you an action-ready blueprint to profit from it.

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