Upon graduating from the University of Virginia, Corey Snyder went head first into a career of finance.

He’s served everyone from multi-millionaires to blue-collar mechanics.  As a result of his years of expertise, he’s saved his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in hidden brokerage fees and protected them from bad investments — getting their accounts back on track in the process.

And after a successful career in banking and financial advising, Corey turned his attention to Main Street by recruiting some of the brightest minds in finance and geo-politics to create a one of a kind community, Rogue Investing.

Rogue is his personal mission to train and educate Main Street traders from the traps of Wall Street.

And now Corey is taking everything he’s learned through his years of consulting with millionaire business owners… 

Of trading on his own accord to turn a $15K account into over 6-figures in under a year… 

From using personal strategies and methods to harness some of his largest returns to date, like his 3,704% windfall in GameStop in less than a year….

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