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Dear Soon-to-be-Alpha Hunter:

The fact you’re on this page is a big deal.

You see, since striking out into the world of full time trading and coaching in 2016, I’ve never really made my work available…

I’ve never gone out into the public like this and given people access…

And I certainly didn’t do it for such a low price (my lowest coaching client is over $1,500 per month).

But over the last year, I’ve watched some truly awful situations batter investors from every direction.

I’ve seen market movers and shakers whip stocks around and leave Main Street holding the bag.

I left the banking world so I wouldn’t be part of that.

But I’m sure not going to sit back and watch it happen on the sidelines.

Which is why you’re on this page---

For the last several years, I’ve refined a powerful trading strategy by exploiting the options market.

Most people don’t understand options. They think they’re exactly like stocks - limited to going up, down, or nowhere.

The truth is the options market is perhaps the single best, most effective way for every day investors to consistently profit in the markets

Because you can design your trades - with scientific precision - to deliver profits in almost any circumstance.

While stocks have to go up to profit, you can quickly make simple adjustments that can turn a losing options trade into a base hit… even in the worst situations.

I even set a personal challenge last year in July to make $100,000 in 100 days

I actually ended up with $129,158 in 96 days.

And while that was a great success, it’s just a drop in the bucket.

Because overall...

My strategy has helped me double my entire portfolio in as little as 90 days since October 19th, 2020.

This is without betting the farm on any single trade…

Without making huge, risky bets and over-trading.

In fact, since the beginning of the year, even through the recent market crash, I was still averaging $10,108 per week… with only $17,594 invested.

We’re talking a weekly return of 58% on my money… the kind of return most investors hope for over the course of years.

For example, I made a $7,000 trade on Google on April 5th - and watched it turn into $17,000 that very day.

One of my close friends followed my lead and placed $2.5 million on the same trade - and walked away with a profit of $5.7 million the same day.

And my coaching clients can attest to how it has worked out:

Here is what my longtime follower, George Williams of Johannesburg, South Africa, has to say:

“I have been trading with Chris since 2017. When I first signed up I had almost no experience in trading. Being based in South Africa I definitely had no experience trading in the US markets and certainly had no idea about using options. Chris was able to explain how the options market works and moves in normal language, cutting through all the technical jargon. Starting out the goal was to average $1000 a week, currently I average $2000 per week using less capital per trade and making higher returns.” 

Or this one from Marianne Cragmen in Naples, Florida:

“When I first started, I had an aggressive goal with a limited amount of capital, Chris set up an initial plan to help me reach my goal. After a couple weeks I was achieving my goal using the data from the daily emails and the trade files that Chris provides.  I am now using a 3rd of the capital and hitting my goal consistently after 4 weeks of utilizing this strategy.”

Here’s one from Randall Emory out of Richmond, Virginia:

“Chris’ training and ongoing support and guidance, has made a significant impact to my way of life. I have been able to replace my current salary, and in so doing, I have been afforded the opportunity to say goodbye to the 9 to 5 rat race, and spend more quality time with my family.”

And here’s one of my favorites from Walter Reynolds out of Dallas, Texas:

Chris was introduced to me by a friend of mine who has been subscribing to his service for 3 years at that time. We started the training in June 2019. Due to some health issue delay, I started live trading in mid April 2020. My Realized P&L as of today is $74,722.57 before commissions.  I was able to capture $20,000 winning from 2 trending stocks (NIO and WKHS) back in June and July. Not only is he our mentor on trading, he also teaches us how to mentally deal with the down time. Deep in my heart, I strongly recommend Chris to whoever interested in learning how to trade options.  Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, he’s always able to bring you up to speed and build your confidence. Thanks a million, Chris.”

Which brings me to why I am writing this letter to you, right now.

Because I’ve decided to make my work available to more of the public at the lowest rate I’ve ever considered.

And what you get isn’t just an oddball email alert with a bland ‘Buy/Sell’ order.

As part of my premiere Alpha Hunters service, I’ve put together a coaching package I believe will not only help you hit the ground running, making money hand over fist…

But will ultimately make you an efficient, competent, expert trader who can capably navigate the markets.

You may not even need me eventually.

In fact, some of my current clients don’t need me after a few years - but they stick around for the trade ideas, the guidance, and the insights I bring them as a full-time trader.

I don’t paper trade. Every trade I mention is real time, real money, real investment, real gains and losses.

            I believe every trader should eat his own cooking.

Here’s everything you get by signing up for Alpha Hunters today:

Weekly Zoom Meetings: Every Monday, I host a training class for you and your fellow members. On this call, you’ll learn how to analyze opportunities from the top down and find trading opportunities and we will look at current trades

It’s also a forum for learning how to manage trades, manage your risk, manage your account and manage yourself – how to truly become a winning trader. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and learn the things that are hard to put into a curriculum – things that are only learned from practice and real market success and failures.

Weekly “Paycheck” Trades: Nothing is guaranteed in the markets - but there is one particular option spread I’ve relied on with 80% winning accuracy to collect consistent “paychecks” over the years without taking big swings.

**This is NOT naked put selling!

Using this “Paycheck” Trade has single handedly helped me turn my portfolio around during bloody weeks in the market. You’ll receive three of these each week - along with full instructions on how to manage the trade.

The Master Curriculum: You’re going to love this. It’s a detailed program with videos, powerpoints, reports, and more that I put together for my students. It teaches you how to plan a portfolio for position sizing and weighting, the mindset you need to be a trade, the key technicals and charts to monitor, basic and advanced options strategies I’ve used, pre market and post market routines for maximizing your success… and it’ll have the complete archive of coaching calls for you.

This even includes pre-programmed excel spreadsheets you can plug into and use for position sizing, allocations, and more.

Weekly Playbook: This is where the rubber hits the road. Every week, I put together a “playbook” for my readers and clients to see exactly how we’re going to dominate the markets over the coming week… the trades and setups I’m watching… and more. This will be made available to you every Monday.

Shoulder to Shoulder Trading: We win together, we lose together. It’s simple - I don’t tell you to make trades that I won’t make personally. I tell you how I do it, how I structure my positions, why I’m approaching these options a certain way, and why I believe it could be profitable for you to try.

A 92% Discount: Normally, I charge a minimum of about $2,000 per month for my coaching - and my clients have stuck with me for years at a time. However, as part of this unique offer and the unveiling of Alpha Hunters, I’ve cut the price for a year of membership down to just $1,997 - for the price of a single month, you’ll get the kind of research others have paid me $24,000 a year to access

$1,000 per month vow: I’m making a simple promise here - that you’ll have the chance to make no less than $1,000 per month over the coming year. Frankly, if you follow my trade setups, my position sizing, my plans, you should be capable of clearing well over this. But if at the end of 12 months - one whole year - you didn’t see the chance to make a minimum of $1,000 per month… simply call or email my firm and we will get you a second year of access… free of charge.

Now, I’m going to be really blunt.

There is no money back guarantee on Alpha Hunters.

I’ve worked a long time, coached a lot of people, and seen my members make a lot of money.

I’m going to put those tools in your hands, today, to begin profiting alongside with the folks who’ve put tens of thousands in my pocket just to access the trade research I plan to send you.

If that’s not reasonable to you, I understand.

But if you grasp why it’s crucial I protect this research…

If you grasp why it’s out of the question to flippantly make it available for anyone who buys and refunds just to download all the resources

Then you’re exactly who I want to speak to.

Because I want the people who are committed… who will see this all the way through.

And while nothing in the market is a sure thing, understand I spend every hour the market is open at my computer, monitoring options, analyzing setups, and firing off emails to keep you up to speed on everything that’s happening.

All you have to do to get started is select your membership level and fill out the form on this page.

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